7 New Ways to Play Beer Pong

There are so many evolutionary ways to change up beer pong. Below are seven that you’ve love. There is the American Revolution Pong, Hungry Hungry Hippong, Russian Roulette Pong, Settlers of Catanked, Plinkong, Wormhole Pong, and Hydration Pong. Enjoy…

American Revolution Pong

This game is for patriotic enthusiasts with teams posing as the British against the Americans.

1. Split into two teams: British and American. The British start with nine cups in a single row. The American team only gets 5 cups and they are placed randomly.

2. Only one time during the game, the British team can add a beer called the “Hessian Soldier” to improve their military caliber – but the brew must be German.

3. The Americans can add a brewskie every 5 minutes to add to their military for a total of 5 times.

4. Players should get into this game and use boisterous accents and sing patriotic songs.

Hungry Hungry Hippong

Want to add a level of crazy to the boring game of Pong. Take it up a notch with Hungry Hungry Hippong.

1. Two teams, using total of 50 balls. Nobody takes turns. Toss as many balls as you can but don’t take turns. Do this as fast as possible for optimum fun.

2. The game is over when any of these things happen: all balls have been thrown, cups are sunk on one of the two teams, or 3 minutes are up.

3. Who wins? Pay attention – it is the team who does any of the above. And it’s a tie if all the balls are thrown and the cups are all sunk after 3 minutes.

4. Balls will be picked up by losing team.

Russian Roulette Pong

Is it pure or loaded? Which is which?

1. Two teams, both start with 1 cup of Vodka and 5 cups of water. 2. Opposing team does not know which cup is alcohol and which is water; this keeps things interesting.

3. You lose when the opposing team hits your cup of Vodka.

Settlers of Catanked

This game gets wild.

1. Both teams start with 19 beers. They must be 6 different brews. Yep, 6. They represent the world with fields and mountains and wheat and bubbles.

2. Sounds complicated but get with it and have fun.

3. The winner is the one who can explain the game to everyone else.


Beer pong games don’t get better than this.

1. This game is kind of like traditional pong, but it’s trickier. The ball has to work its way through a plinko board before it lands in the cups.

2. This works best on the night of a full moon.

Wormhole Pong

Wormhole Pong is a true challenge.

1. Both sides have cups with one beer that looks different and this, this is… the wormhole.

2. Whoever hits the wormhole, sides do NOT drink but must switch places.

3. Pay attention to the psychology of the situation and try to out-maneuver your opponent while dancing on one leg.

Hydration Pong

1. This game requires serious thirst. Both sides start with 26 cups of water.

2. One player from each team is chosen and then drinks 13 cups while trying not to urinate or vomit. This is the limit of how much water a human body should drink all day. This game just makes it happen all at once.

3. The winner keeps down his water and keeps it in for 30 minutes after finishing. Go!

Why play a dull game of Pong when you can have the time of your life with 7 different varieties beer pong games? Get your drinking buddies and try your skills at American Revolution Pong, Hungry Hungry Hippong, Russian Roulette Pong, Settlers of Catanked, Plinkong, Wormhole Pong, and Hydration Pong.

Photos and games provided by CollegeHumor.

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