Beer vs Wine

An age old question… who will win the beer vs. wine match? We have put together a 7 round battle to find out. Continue reading for the details.

Round 1: Which one will get you drunk faster, beer or wine?

Many factors determine how fast you get drunk. For instance, the amount of alcohol on each beverage changes and the speed you are drinking takes an important part of how fast you will get drunk. In the end, all these factors can be normalized to compare apples with apples. If we measure how fast your blood stream gets full of alcohol, that is a good indicator of how quickly you will feel drunk. This was tested by a researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He matched all conditions to test beer and wine, and the results can give us an idea of how fast you can get drunk with each. Beer filled the bloodstream with alcohol only 62 minutes after drinking it, while wine defeated beer with eight fewer minutes. The wine reached the blood in only 54 minutes.

[textmarker color=”FF0F17″]The score: Beer: 0 | Wine: 1[/textmarker]

Round 2: Food pairing battle for grilled beef or lamb

Wine is traditionally served with meats such as beef or lamb. A brown ale beer was compared to a Malbec red wine when taking a delicious plate of beef or lamb. Most people preferred beer due to its better combination with the strong flavor of beef. As for lamb, results were very similar. The meat was prepared grilled, and well done. It gave it a strong taste that combines good with the notes of Malbec but went along better with the dark and intense beer’s flavor. No doubt the point for food pairing battle for grilled beef or lamb was tough. The beer won by just a little bit.

[textmarker color=”48d24c”]The score: Beer: 1 | Wine: 1[/textmarker]

Round 3: Which has more alcohol, wine or beer?

For this contest, let’s look at the wine and beer with the highest alcohol content. For beer, the Dogfish Head Imperial IPA stands out with 9% of alcohol. As for wine, the Mollydooker Shiraz steps up with 16%. It seems there is a distinct advantage for wine. However, let’s take a look at the regular servings. A pint of beer has 12 ounces on it. For every pint of Dogfish Head Imperial IPA you drink, you are having 1.08 ounces of alcohol. Considering a glass of wine has 5 ounces, then you are having 0.8 ounces of alcohol per serving. With those numbers, the point for more alcohol per serving goes to beer.

[textmarker color=”48d24c”]The score: Beer: 2 | Wine: 1[/textmarker]

Round 4: Which is the better choice for your bone structure?

When you are speaking about health, there is a whole spectrum of opportunities. Either beer or wine may give benefits to your health when you don’t exceed. Getting boosted and drunk is not okay no matter which beverage you chose. If you take any of them moderately, then it may benefit your health. There are nutrients on both that can serve your body. As for your bone structure, beer has a high level of silicon. It helps to improve the mineral density of your bones. The benefit is that it will strengthen your bone structure. Wine just stares at beer as it scores this point. The better choice for your bone structure point goes for beer.

[textmarker color=”48d24c”]The score: Beer: 3 | Wine: 1[/textmarker]

Round 5: Is beer or wine providing more vitamins and nourishing your body?

The wine has flavonoids, and they just scored for the hearth point. The beer has Vitamin B to fight back. While wine gets rid of bad cholesterol only, a pint of beer can provide you with 12% of the daily need for folic acid and niacin. Those two nutrients are useful to your overall health, working at a cell level. With two essential substances nourishing your body, the vitamins point goes to beer.

[textmarker color=”48d24c”]The score: Beer: 4 | Wine: 1[/textmarker]

Round 6: What about your heart?

Both beer and wine are okay to treat a broken heart. However, only one of them is good to prevent heart diseases. Resveratrol is a substance that comes from grapes. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels in your blood. As a consequence, arteries and veins are unclogged to allow a better circulation of your bloodstream. With no clots, your heart will work better. The wine has resveratrol and beer has nothing to fight back. The point for your heart goes to wine.

[textmarker color=”FF0F17″]The score: Beer: 4 | Wine: 2[/textmarker]

Round 7: Calories in Beer and Wine

The point for calorie count goes to the contender who has the fewer calories. With diets and healthy food going trendy, it is relevant how many calories are there in beer and wine. If you see an average calorie count on an ounce per ounce comparison, then beer gets 12.5 calories per ounce while wine gets 20. This would be an easy point for beer, except that the average serving is not equal. One pint of beer has 12 ounces, while a glass of wine is served with only 5. If we make the math, then having one drink of any of these leads us to 150 calories for beer against only 100 for wine. The final point of this match is for wine.

[textmarker color=”FF0F17″]The score: Beer: 4 | Wine: 3[/textmarker]

It was a close match, but after 7 rounds… Beer wins the match. It scored one more point than wine. Let’s say cheers with a pint of beer!

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