The Best IPA Beer in the World

With so many great IPA beer brands strutting their stuff these days, how can a person know when they have actually found the best IPA beer in the world? The quest for the best can be intensely fun while taste testing; there are many wonderful IPA breweries to visit; nationally and globally. Though consistent in being hoppy, the IPA flavors and aroma vary greatly. The best beers appeal to both men and women. Individuals, couples, and groups can enjoy trying different IPA brands in pursuit of the best. However, before climbing to the top of the mountain, it is important to know what the IPA acronym stands for and then one should acquire some history about its origins.

What is an IPA beer?

IPA is a form of India Pale Ale. Brewed with hops and malt that is pale in color, the taste is distinctly bitter and sharp. Because of the variety of blends of flavors and hops, beer recipes are as plentiful as snowflakes, but much more tasty.


Used out of need in the 18th century, hops were added to beer barrels being shipped across the ocean so as to keep it from spoiling. On trips to India, sudden changes in temperature caused beer to spoil before it reached its destination. In attempts to remedy this, brewers added more hops, which caused the beer barrels to maintain their integrity during long ocean voyages, such as the journey from Britain to India. The casual term India pale ale stuck and today IPA recipes are highly regarded and are rated by the experts on their unique blends of hops and various notes/flavors and special qualities.

Best of the Best

Drum roll, please… after extensive reviewing and tasting by professionals and beer enthusiasts around the globe (and internet), Julius by Tree House Brewing Company is our current “best IPA beer in the world!” Produced at Tree House Brewing Company, the Julius is amazing and delicious with its blend of American hops with citrus notes of mango and passion fruit. The Julius has received the highest marks through Beer Advocate reviewers for IPA beer, which shows that those who have experienced this Tree House brew are in agreement; the Julius is the best IPA beer in the world.

Tree House News

Available only at the Tree House Brewery, the Julius has become a hot commodity. Until now, the brewing system was small at only 5-barrels which caused demand to exceed supply. Current news indicates that the Tree House is building a 30-barrel system which will allows for a much higher volume of beer production; the owners refer to the new system as the “Julius Machine”. Though Julius is a favorite, guests are partial to other brews with names such as Green and Sap which will also be brewed with the bigger system.

King of the Mountain

As a matter of opinion, beer enthusiasts seem to concur that there is a best beer among IPA style brews. Tree House Brewing Company opened in 2012 and the Julius quickly became one of the most desired and longed-for beers in Massachusetts. Guests often attempt to name the ingredients of this special blend, but everyone is left guessing. The Julius is a secret recipe and looks to stay this way. The delicious Julius seems to be top contender as King of the Mountain for IPA beers.

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6 Thoughts to “The Best IPA Beer in the World”

  1. Nick

    I’m lucky enough to live right by the brewery in Monson, MA. 100% agree with this!

  2. DEE

    I have never met nicer people (and hard working..) peeps .. at TREEHOUSE…and most of those, who wander..BUT ARE NOT LOST..just longing for Julius and all the other greats..

  3. Bdl284

    Unbelievable beers, unbelievable experience. Staff was extremely friendly and even friendlier to my dog. MAKE THE TRIP!

  4. Irphan

    rarely does a beer live up to the hype, but this stuff really holds up. Heading over there today to re-stock. Worth the trip, but I only live 45 minutes away

  5. Jon

    I drove 3 hours from Jersey for a handful cans and growlers. Still my favorite brewery for ipa’s.

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