Beer is Actually Good For You – Here’s Why!

Though beer drinkers may be aware of the dangers of alcohol, many may not be aware of the actual health benefits. Drinking beer in moderation, especially low calorie beer and low carb beer (see our list of the best), is recognized as providing true benefits by the medical world. In fact, beer may be heart-healthy, boost the immune system, decrease kidney stones, assist in recovery after working out, may improve eyesight, and enhance creativity. So grab a beer, drink responsibly, and discover the six (6) reasons why beer is good for you:


Cardiovascular health may be maintained when drinking moderately. It is advised to limit beer consumption to no more than one pint daily, at approximately 5 percent alcohol by volume. This generally amounts to one or two beers daily. By reducing the risk of developing hypertension, beer drinkers may enjoy the benefit of lower blood pressure.

Boost the Immune System

An unexpected benefit of drinking beer is the ability to better fight off infection. Research has shown that the benefit of the immune system boost is seen only in moderate drinkers, as heavy drinkers may promote a declining body. Alcohol abusers are more prone to suffer when becoming ill, such as with pneumonia. By drinking in moderation people often fight off illness and enjoy a healthy system.

Decrease Kidney Stones

For anyone who has passed a stone or known someone that has endured this painful experience, beer may bring relief. Though research is unable to clearly define the link between a decrease in kidney stone production and the intake of beer, it is thought that the hops in beer may play a role. By limiting the amount of calcium released in the body, it is not absorbed in the kidneys to later become stones. Drinking one or two beers per day may help bring kidney formation to a halt.

Recover Post-Workout

Beer drinkers may be surprised to learn that there is a better source of hydration following a workout. After sweating at the gym, most people automatically reach for water but beer seems to provide even better hydration. Though the difference is slight, beer is the front-runner in adding fluids back to the body after heavy exercise. It must be noted that knocking back a few will not produce these results, but consuming one or two beers will.

Better Eyesight

Surprisingly, beer may prevent cataracts from forming in the eyes. Canadian researchers claim that drinking a lager or stout daily may stop the formation of cataracts due to increased activity of antioxidants. These results only applied to moderate drinkers. Heavy drinkers (3 or more drinks per day) did not experience the benefit, but in fact, experienced the opposite effect.

Enhances Creativity

Drinking beer does not cause higher intelligence in people, but it may enhance creativity. Research shows that when completing verbal puzzles, a group with a .075 blood alcohol level solved these problems quicker than their counterparts who remained sober. Pop open a cold one for those occasions when it’s time to generate new ideas!

While celebrating the health benefits of beer consumption, it must be restated that these results only apply to moderate drinking, not heavy drinking. Especially when consuming one or two beers per day (preferably low calorie beer and low carb beer), it has been proven that people can maintain a healthy heart, better fight infections, reduce kidney stones, stop cataracts from forming, and expand the mind for creative thinking. So there you have it! These are the six (6) reasons why beer is good for you.

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