12 Positive Effects of Alcohol

Cheers! Let’s celebrate the 12 positive effects of alcohol. If you are feeling guilty for having a glass of wine, stop it now. A glass of wine during a celebration can be healthy. And the good news is that the regular consumption of wine can be even healthier as long as you don’t go to the dark side with excessive amounts.

12. Skip Your Next Flu

If you drink moderate amounts of alcohol, studies say that you can get rid of the common flu. Unfortunately, it only works in the prevention department. When you are already sick, there is nothing alcohol can do for you. Statistics show that drinking around ten wine glasses during the week had 60% less risk of catching a cold.

11. Have a Healthier Brain

The Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment Journal discovered after the observation of people since 1977 that drinking wine is linked to a healthier brain. It seems that when you have just small amounts of wine along with your life, you activate your brain cells instead of killing them. That is reflected on a reduced risk of suffering Alzheimer or developing other cognitive diseases as you grow old.

10. Don’t Be Shy

If you are a shy person, alcohol can help to overcome your personality. Most people feel anxiety and tend to close their shell when strangers surround them. The right amount of alcohol can eliminate stress and fear, letting your personality flourish. You will feel more integrated and eager to socialize with others. The risk of using alcohol to reduce your shyness is that you may tend to continue drinking. In such cases, the benefits can turn into a negative disaster.

9. Fewer Chances of Becoming a Diabetic

Diabetes is a public health issue in most countries. According to a group of Dutch researchers, people who drink alcohol on a regular basis with moderation are less prone to get type II diabetes. It seems that alcohol may be the answer to a public health problem.

8. Red Wine Removes Bad Cholesterol

Red wine can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body. Ironically it is by adding cholesterol to your bloodstream. However, it is the right kind (HLD). The composition of red wine is particularly good at it, and it is related to the grapes from which it comes.

7. Alcohol Fights Cardiovascular Diseases

Removing bad cholesterol from your bloodstream has much more benefits than you think. It is linked to the reduced risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases. You can get away of blood clots that are responsible for more severe health problems. In the worst case, blood clots will block your arteries and may cause a stroke or a heart attack.

6. Drink Gin and Tonic to Fight Malaria

As crazy as it sounds, you can drink a gin and tonic to fight malaria in case there is no medicine available. The quinine present in the tonic is a sort of alkaloid with analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Of course, it is not like getting proper medication, but it is much better than nothing. It can provide temporary relief while you can get to a location where you can find appropriate medicine.

5. Ease any Throat Pain

Ease any throat pain and continue singing. That is why some bar singers ask for a whiskey. If you combine it with warm water, it provides temporary relief to any throat problem they may have.

4. Use Vodka to Freshen Your Breath

If you suffer from a stinky mouth, or if you forgot the toothpaste at home, there is a solution. Just have vodka shot. The alcohol level in vodka can kill the bacteria causing the bad odor of your mouth.

3. Never Get Gallstones

Gallstones are solid pieces of material inside the gallbladder. You might have some of them, and you will never notice unless they obstruct the bile duct. If that happens, you will experience a sharp pain and will require medical intervention. If you drink alcohol, there are 30% fewer chances you will develop gallstones.

2. Live Longer

Various researchers have found that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol live longer. The benefits even more if you make a habit of drinking alcohol with meals.

1. Boost Your Libido

If you are looking for an aphrodisiac, don’t give up on alcohol. When you drink it moderately, it can benefit the libido of both men and women. For men, it even reduces the risk of suffering erectile dysfunction. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published research showing a reduction of up to 30% in the risk of developing the disease. No doubt boosting of your libido deserves to be the number one this list.

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