Man’s Guide to Drinking Hard Cider

Is Hard Cider Manly?

Is hard cider manly? Yes, it sure is! Are you tired of drinking just beer and whiskey? Men deserve variety. If there is female equality, then men should not restrain from drinking anything they want. And hard ciders are the most disregarded drink for men.

For those men who enjoy sweet, try hard ciders. It is not like having a pink martini. You will not be scrutinized, and your manhood will not be questioned. Make use of our guide to do it right.

Hard Ciders are not like Sodas

Don’t get too excited drinking hard ciders. I’ve heard some men saying that they are just sodas. The truth is that the serving size is similar to beers, but hard-sider can contain more alcohol. If you drink light beer, then it may have only 2% alcohol. On the other hand, a hard cider typically comprises between 5% and 6% of alcohol. Some hard ciders even go as high as 8.5%.

Of course, that is not like having vodka, which is usually around 40%. That is why serving sizes are so small for vodka. As for hard ciders, remember they are not sodas, and you have to drink them carefully. I guarantee that you will get drunk at least as fast as you do with beer. You may even have a hangover if you go too far on hard cider consumption.

There is No Gluten on Hard Ciders, and you can get some Nutrients

Unlike beers, there is no gluten on hard ciders. For some people, that means that your stomach will not suffer from drinking hard ciders. If you had stopped drinking because of digestive discomforts associated with gluten, then hard cider is now your drinking option.

Hard ciders are made out of apples and yeast. That gives this beverage a higher nutritional value than other alternatives. It is not possible to generalize the nutritional value of hard ciders because it changes from one brand to another. Some hard ciders also have other ingredients like grains, hops or berries. The final mixture plus the type of apple they use has a strong influence on the final nutritional value of the product.

There are different types of Hard Ciders

Hard ciders are known to be sweet. Just like beers, there are many types of ciders. As we explained in the previous section, hard ciders can come from different apple varieties. They may also contain other ingredients. That is how the various types of hard ciders are made.

For sure, there is a hard cider for you. Choose a not so sweet hard cider if you are not fond of the most delightful beverages. You may find it more enjoyable than beer. Give it a shot and see how it goes. If you don’t like it, at least you can say that you tried, and nobody is going to tell you how hard cider tastes.

Help Local Communities, and get some healthy benefits

You can help local communities consuming hard ciders. Most products come from local factories. There are even some organic ciders that warranty healthy and naturally grown ingredients.

If you are fond of helping or when you want to go for a healthy option, a hard cider will be a better choice than your traditional drink.

Hard Cider Price Compared to Beer

Price depends on the hard cider brand you are consuming. Compared to draft beer, hard cider can be more expensive. If we compare it to international beer options, then it is cheaper. However, some bars, pubs, and even restaurants overprice hard cider.

Take a look at prices before you order. It should not be more than 3 dollars over the price of beer at the same place. A fair amount is when they label it the same as beer. When you buy it at your local market, it can even be cheaper than some beer options.

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