5 Delicious Organic Beers You Need to Try

There are 5,234 craft breweries operating in the U.S. right now. That’s a number that’s almost doubled since 2012. As craft beer becomes an American mainstay, some breweries are turning their sights to more niche markets. Gluten-free, sustainably produced, and organic beers are now not only accessible, they’re also delicious.

Here are 5 of the best organic brews on the market right now.

1. Evergreen IPA by Peak Organic

Peak Organic was one of America’s first organic breweries. Located in Portland, Maine, they’ve been paving the way for organic brewing since 2006.

Their Evergreen IPA is based on their flagship IPA. The difference is in the blending of organic juniper berries and organic spruce, producing an enhancement of the hoppy pine notes. The finish is a crisp, fresh IPA that’ll pair amazingly with fresh Thai cuisine.

2. Ground Up Coffee Stout by Lenny Boy

Lenny Boy is North Carolina’s only certified microbrewery but that’s not stopping them from taking the organic beer industry by storm. All of their beers are worth a taste, but the brewer’s crown has to go to their Ground Up Coffee Stout.

Born out of a collaboration with Counter Culture Coffee, this smooth stout is described as “the ultimate coffee lover’s beer”. Lenny Boy blends cold-brewed coffee–hearty in chocolate, cherry, and caramel flavors–with their signature sweet stout to make the richest, smoothest stout you’ll ever taste.

3. Sourlina Peche by Freehouse Brewery

The Freehouse Brewery is famed as much for its back-deck brewery views as it is for its fantastic organic beers. The Sourlina Peche is one of its best and a must-try for sour beer connoisseurs.

The Sour Ale is brewed with wild local yeast from the skin of a peach. Combined with lactobacillus and 800 lbs of fresh, organic peaches from the local Watsonia Farms, the final product is tart, lively, and refreshing.

4. Honey Basil by Bison Brewing Company

It’s little wonder that Berkeley, California is home to one of the best organic brewing companies in the U.S.

Bison Brewing Company has been running since 1989 and is dedicated as much to education on organic practices as they are in putting them to use in their brewing.

It’s difficult picking a favorite from their selection but their Honey Basil beer would have to just scrape on in. Infused with caramel malts, fresh basil, and clover honey, this organic beer is virtually hop-less, leaving the floral, sweet undertones to really flourish.

5. Beer Belly by Dr. Jekyll’s

Dr. Jekyll’s is an organic brewery based in Altadena, California. They’re the weird kid on the organic beers playground, incorporating a bit of mad science into their brewing processes.

Their Beer Belly Ale is truly one of a kind. A K?lsch Style Ale, it boasts the finest organic Cascade and Perle hops, with hints of raspberry and grapefruit. The brewing process also includes a number of super ingredients – acai berry, green tea, maqui berry, and raspberry ketone all make an appearance in this beer’s all-star lineup.

These Organic Beers Are a Must-Try

Organic beers are some of the best brews on the market today. Whether you’re an ale man or more of a coffee stout lady, the five beers on this list are bound to give you something to fall in love with.

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